Forthcoming in 2021: Standing at Water’s Edge


After seventeen years as a cancer nurse, Janice Post-White’s four-year-old son, Brennan, is diagnosed with leukemia. She knows what to expect regarding treatment options and side-effects and how to navigate the healthcare system. But she has no training as a cancer mom. Janice feels responsible for her son’s future, yet she feels as vulnerable as any other parent who wants their child to be well and fears losing them.

In her moving memoir, Janice tells how she and other parents faced their greatest fear, and how her cancer patients, fellow parents, and friends taught her how to live in the moment, honor her feelings as much as her knowledge, and accept the uncertainty of life.

Brennan shares how he struggled with his new identity as well, first as an imagined little yellow bird hiding out in the attic of a house with no windows or doors; to a big, tough, grizzly bear overcoming the daily dreaded pills; and then a teenager trying to make sense of his illness, his threat to his life, and his responsibility as a survivor.

Janice, Brennan, and their family, strive to find the strength and courage to move forward one step at a time, navigating their future as survivors. Whatever challenge you’re dealing with in life-or helping someone else deal with-this book will inspire and empower you. It’s a reminder to live well, pay attention on your journey, and accept yourself for who you are.