The switch to standard time last night ushered in a blustery fall day here in Minnesota. It’s an hour before sunset and the dry leaves rip off the trees in a fury and shape-shift patterns in the yard. The squirrels search beneath the piles and scurry off to bury their treasures. The cardinals and blue jays descend as a team as soon as the wild turkey and feral cat run off for the night. Last night after dark the opossum snapped his razor-sharp teeth into the nose of a hefty raccoon twice his size, both vying for the single can of leftover shredded chicken cat food and turkey breast trimmings. Winter in Minnesota fosters competition and survival of the bravest and best well-armed. How ready are you?

istockphoto by ivcandy

Transitions bring change and require us to adapt. The wind howls “Pay attention!” as if it’s ushering in change, right on cue. With the switch to standard time, we feel the encroaching winter with shorter days, longer nights, and anticipation of the holiday season. And then there are the looming midterm elections, uproar and chaos on Twitter, warnings of a triple health threat (if you’re paying attention), heat and food insecurity, and so much more worldwide. On wind-howling days like this, my frazzled mind retreats, seeking an escape from overwhelm and too many decisions scattered like leaves blowing this way and that.

What keeps you focused on the task at hand during transitions and change? Today, I just let my expectations fly off in the wind as a reminder to go with the flow wherever it took me. I had to remind myself that thinking, reflecting, and reading open my heart and my mind and allow me to process change and gain perspective from a broader view. Instead of being the tree thrashing about in the wind, I could be the sun shining down on the turmoil, observing and contemplating from a more centered distance and with greater awareness. Awareness gives perspective, and perspective allows for acceptance and adaptation.

Resilience is being open to change and being flexible and adaptable when responding to circumstances. We may not be able to change the ferocity of the wind, the shortened daylight hours, or the trajectory of events and outcomes, but we can change how we respond to them. Whatever transitions or decisions you are facing, whatever outcomes you wish for, pay attention to your heart and be mindful of your intentions. Accepting and adapting to change is part of life. How we respond influences our well-being.

Maybe tomorrow I can create with clarity and motivation, especially if I take that extra hour of sleep offered to me. May you find whatever you need to help you in your transitions. Wishing you the best as you adapt to life’s circumstances, over and over again.


~ Janice